November 20, 2010

Midwest Finds Mentioned in Country Living Magazine!

Have you seen the November 2010 issue of Country Living? On page 132 there is a box acknowleging the Etsy shops that were featured in their House of the Year. And who is listed first? Midwest Finds! That's only because our last name starts with B. :)

So, yes, we have made the Big Time. And generations from now, we can prove that we had a noteworthy Etsy shop (as long as we store this magazine well!).

How did we get in Country Living Magazine? Last winter they asked Etsy to send them ideas for items to put in their House of the Year. Etsy sent them pictures from our store, and they liked what they saw. They asked us to send them the items, and as a result, we got in a mention in this issue.

I learned two things from this experience. The first one is that photography is everything. Country Living chose our items based on photos alone. The second thing is that Etsy marketing is invaluable. They promote their shops like crazy.

Making the Most of Etsy's Promotional Machine

Right now, the best way to get noticed is to be tagged to match the daily Etsy Finds email. Be sure to sign up for those emails, then click on links to see what tags they are using. Sometimes they link to items with a certain tag, and sometimes the links to go treasuries with a certain tag. As soon as you see what tags the email is linked to, go add those tags to your appropriate items and treasuries! You'll instantly be attached to that email, which has thousands of readers.

About Treasuries

You shouldn't make treasuries with your items in them, so pair up with a friend and make treasuries for each other, giving the treasuries tags to match the emails. Etsy also has treasury teams you can join. The key to strangers finding you and using your items in their treasuries is to have great pictures (make bright, neutral background photos) and to have tags that match the Etsy marketing plan for the month.

May you have many happy visits to your Etsy shop.

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  1. How EXCITING! I am so happy for you and Bernard! That is just so WONDERFUL! A HUGE congratulations to the both of you!

    I hope you and your family have a very Happy Thanksgiving.

    Take Care,
    Valerie C


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