June 2, 2010

Photo of President Coolidge with the Board of the General Federation of Women's Clubs

This is an amazing photograph. Bernard bought it at an auction in Teutopolis, Illinois and left it in the backseat of the truck for months. He bought it for the hefty frame. When it finally made it into the house, I said, "This is a photo of President Coolidge!" We couldn't believe it.

The inscription in the center reads, "White House Reception, Annual January Board Meeting, General Federation of Women's Clubs, Washington, D.C., January 12, 1928"

The photographer signed his name "Schutz" with the numbers "3721."

The glass was broken, so we had to carefully remove the photo and replace the glass. Unfortunately, the photo had gotten wet sometime in its past, so the edges were a little torn from sticking to and pulling away from the glass. We didn't have a piece of glass large enough for this frame, so Bernard salvaged window glass from a very old door.

We aren't sure what type of wood this is, but the general consensus is walnut. The frame could use a coat of stain or paint, but we wanted to leave that to the new owner.

I love the idea of having an original photograph from this era. Just look at those hats! It was the decade of Prohibition and a year before the Stock Market Crash. On the brink of the Great Depression, here is a group of influential ladies, posing with the President of the United States.

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