March 31, 2010

March Means Lots of Washing!

March was our biggest month ever. Lots of jars left our house, and you know what that means? Lots of washing. Thank goodness our daughter jumped in to help! Yes, she's using a toothbrush and listening to her ipod.

Our house was built in 1912 with gorgeous mission style elements. Notice the leaded windows and the swinging door with stained glass.We built this kitchen in what used to be the dining room. Behind the swinging doors used to be the kitchen, but is now the laundry room.


  1. Hey Jena,

    I love this picture...all of those pretty Ball Jars...some waiting to be washed and some upside down drying. How sweet of your daughter to help out. And I LOVE the shape of wax sealer Ball Jar. I will definitely need to get one of them! :)

    ~Valerie C.

  2. Will you be sharing photos of the wedding. I'd love to see the jars in action. This is a great picture-so in the moment.

  3. I have a couple pictures of our jars in use in the "planning a wedding?" tab under the header. I hope to collect a lot of them!


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