January 17, 2010

Reflections on a Life

I spent most of today at an auction where they were selling everything this lady owned. She lived to the age of 97 and died at home. She had no children, her husband died in the early 1990's, and now all her things were going to the highest bidder. And she had great stuff. I bought her slide projector which came with six boxes of slides. Tonight we went through them all to make sure the machine worked, and this picture touched me. I also got to see her husband and one of their first homes, and a couple of their cars in the 1950's. I also got to see pictures of her husband's going away party at a military base. He was a colonel.

At the auction, their marriage license and portraits went for $10. Thankfully, the historic society of her hometown won that grouping. And it all reminded me of the brevity of life. From her collection of things, I can tell she had fun with her life, her husband loved her dearly, and she saved sentimental treasures. But now she's done with them, and life is left to the rest of us.

Her slide projector and all the slides are for sale on our store now. Here's the link.

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