July 29, 2009

We're in TWO Gift Guides!

I usually check Google Analytics in the evenings to see how the day went. If you don't have that for your blog or your etsy store, it's really very easy. I can help you if you are having trouble with it. Anyway, I noticed we tripled our hits yesterday, so I knew something had to be going on. So I checked craftopolis to see if anyone on etsy was highlighting us, and sure enough, we are in TWO gift guides! We're in Wedding Decor (lanterns) and Cozy Home (clear soap dispenser). If you go to the gift guide home page, you can see MidwestFinds is in the top three (at least for now), so that puts on the front page of gift guides!

How one gets chosen or how long that stays up is a mystery to me, but it's pretty fun. If anyone knows anything about this, please leave a comment.

We've gotten several orders to fill today and you know what that really means? I have to wash dishes. I pick out our best jars and make sure they are sparkling clean. Pretty glamorous shop we have here.

1 comment:

  1. Its all a mystery to me! Well done though, and thanks for voting for me!


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