June 28, 2009

And so it begins...

At the end of May, my good friend Duska and I were manning our garage sale when my husband shows up with a box of canning jars. He'd been out at someone else's garage sale, bringing more stuff home just when we're trying to get rid of it! But then I saw some interesting old blue jars, and I couldn't resist. Hmmm...OK...We looked them up on the internet to see just what we had.

It turns out there is a whole underworld of fruit jar collecting. And when it comes to Ball jars, there are so many variations and clues to dating the jars that it's downright fascinating! He looked at me with that wild enthusiasm he sometimes gets, and said, "She has about ten more tubs of jars. Should I go back and get them?" Well, yeah! He came back with one or two more tubs. He said the rest were in some basement and she had to call to get them hauled over to the garage sale.

Here's the story: The lady with the jars said her husband was "flipping a house" in town, and in the process of redoing the basement, he removed a wall and found a couple hundred fruit jars. He just wanted to get rid of them, and we were happy to oblige.

For the next week or so we had a lot of fun organizing and deciphering what types of jars we had. When we realized we had plenty of duplicate jars, I suggested we open an etsy shop and try to sell them.

And so it begins...We're known as Midwest Finds on etsy, and we have plenty of jars.

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